MY VALUES:  I believe that ALL human beings are important ("God doesn't make mistakes"); that autism and related differences reflect only one way in which human beings' neurological systems are diverse; that diversity should be celebrated and embraced, not merely tolerated or, worse, defeated;  that human beings are hardwired to be social and "good" when they can be (and if they're not behaving in ways we or others find "socially acceptable," we either need to support them so they can or adjust our own attitudes!); that there are well-researched ("evidence based practices" if you must) that are child-friendly, developmentally appropriate in the chronological sense, useful and taught in natural settings, and empowering for parents, professionals, and others who provide supports, accommodations, teaching and learning opportunities, and meaningful social engagement with people who have ASDs;  that EVERYONE benefits from inclusion to the maximum extent possible (I admit that even I need a little "alone" time now and then!); and that one size doesn't fit all.

Here are some of the things I can do for people with autism spectrum differences, challenging behaviors, and other types of disabilities:

*  Inclusive education, recreation, and behavioral consultations
*  Person-centered and family-centered planning
*  Facilitated communication training
*  Workshops, presentations, and other forms of staff development
*  Evaluations, ecological assessments, MACS analyses
*  and more!

Helping others understand autism spectrum differences (ASDs)

I am NOT the expert.  I have just learned to listen.  Here are two young experts, Andy and Savannah, teaching an audience of Connecticut educators what it's like to grow up with a sibling who has significant neurological differences.  Both happen to have brothers.  Their bottom line:  "I love him.  Most of the time, it's pretty cool.  He's pretty cool.  Other times, he is REALLY annoying!" (Sound like other siblings?!?!?!)

Here I am with my friend and colleague, Jacob Pratt, who is the Executive Director of the Autism Spectrum Differences Institute of New England, Inc., a nonprofit run by and for people with autism spectrum differences.  The picture was taken in 2008 when Jacob and I had just finished the second breakout session as co-presenters at the annual Valued Lives Conference in Yakima, Washington.  Jacob is an awesome presenter and it is such an honor to facilitate his typing.  Below, Jacob is one of several co-stars in a public service announcement about autism, "No Myths," starring Ari Ne'Eman, founder of the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network.  He is the only one using FC and, yes, that is my hand providing support!