Please send me an email.  It's the easiest way to get a hold of me!  Thank you.

By the way, my real office is where you and the individual with autism are.  Best practice dictates that I see you or that person in a "natural setting" (your home, your community, where your child goes to school, where the adult lives or works) in order to understand the kinds of challenges being faced and what supports and accommodations you and/or the individual may need. 

Sometimes you can come over to my house or we can meet somewhere fun!

At my house, for example:

Here is my friend, Matt, typing to my niece, Maddy, on his AlphaSmart.  Maddy took a shower after she and Matt had gone swimming at our local lake.  Don't worry!  Matt enjoyed his gluten-casein free pizza!  He's such a sweetie, he doesn't mind (really) if the rest of us gorge on DaVinci's.  He hopes to be the first attorney, then U.S. senator, and, hopefully, president of the United States of American who uses facilitated communication.  (And even if he doesn't, he will make a great contribution to our world some other way!)