Here are some other places you may want to look if you are not comfortable with a pervasively negative view of autism spectrum differences but want ideas about how to support people with ASD labels more effectively: (The Autism Spectrum Differences Institute of New England, Inc.) (The Autism National Committee.  I am on the board of directors) (the Autistic Self Advocacy Network) (Sharisa Kochmeister's new e-zine with articles written by people with ASDs and their friends.  Jacob Pratt and I were regular contributors as "The Friendship Doctors.") (The Autism Acceptance Project) (I am back aspresident of the New England Chapter of TASH and have been a member of TASH forever.  This website in particular speaks to issues of communication in autism and I'm thrilled that the Communications Committee [which I'm a member of] was able to get up and running again.  Thanks to Christi Kasa-Hendrickson and all the others who worked so hard on the original version!)
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